Beth and Chuck Hodge

The first real decision in the whole process was who to pick as an agent.  One of our friends had just recently become licensed and we chose to go with her because we knew that she was the kind of person who would be enthusiastic, take her time and look out for our best interest. 
At the time we put our house on the market, we were READY to sell and move!  I just knew with Kelly’s crazy, outgoing personality it would sell just like that. As patience is not always must strongest suite when I am ready for something to happen and move.  She encouraged us, was positive throughout.
I think it was at the 6 month mark that I began to just feel like we were never going to sell and be out of that house!   One afternoon talking with Kelly and sharing this frustration, she told me that the house that was meant for me might not even BE on the market yet.  Little did she know how true those words were!
One Friday morning, Kelly called and said that we had some folks going to look at our home.  Chuck and I said a prayer over it and went about our day.  We got an offer and we were elated. We spent the next day looking at some beautiful, some interesting (?) homes and finally entered the 3rd from the last on our list.  The minute I walked In the door, I knew it was ours-my husband felt that way too.   We spent an hour or more there-walking through the gardens, looking closely at all of the was perfect.
The inspector found some issues that would have been impossible for us to fix, but we were able to get that worked out in the contract. 
Kelly truly looked out for us and walked us through to know what we should be concerned with and what we did not need to worry over.   Kelly’s commitment to us and our process was evident the entire time. 

 Not all who “do” business maintain their personal integrity, faith, and values in the world of their work.She worked diligently for us, was patient with us, and even prayed with us. 

Stacey Harris

I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping me purchase my first home. As you know, it has been a year or two in the process and you walked me through it every step of the way until I was ready and comfortable enough to move forward. I have been SO pleased with your support, guidance and attention to detail over the past several months. You stayed on top of things and made sure everything was handled appropriately as it should be, which made those time of uncertainity go away as I felt at ease knowing you "had my back". What I appreciate the most is the professionalism you exhibited throughout the entire process.  I'd trust no one more than you, and feel as if I have gained a friend! Thank you again for all have done to help me find the perfect home!
S. Harris (Graham, NC)

Sandy Boylston

Gil and I are loving our new home and being close to our grand-children.  Progress is slow but sure.  Hardwoods Unlimited came by last Tuesday and measured the floors.  I am excited about getting them refinished.
Thank you for all you did to help us find a new home.  You and your team really made this a very smooth transition.  Gil and I sincerely appreciate all your effort.

D. Hume

 I would like to commend Ms. Kelly Wirt for being so conscience, knowledgable and professional.  

Our house closed today and it never would  have happened if Kelly was not on top of everything our banks needed as well as the buyers mtg.

If I was hiring like the old days I would do all in my power to steal her away.  She is a true professional and you are very lucky to have her.  My advice is to do everything in your power to keep her.